Expres transport

Miroslav Hrachovina - Expresní přeprava nadměrných nákladů

  • We provide a express cargo delivery.
  • Express shipments without any problems as quickly as possible and at a reasonable price.
  • Express shipments throughout the Czech Republic, we are also able to provide international transport of cargo.
  • Need to pick up, load and transfer as quickly as possible? You have to choose us !.
  • Your cargo is transported by our modern vehicles that are constantly connected to the control center via radios and mobile phones.
  • For fast and reliable transport costs across Europe, you can rely on us.

Customer references

"Always a great attitude on the side of company Hrachovina - always come out to meet us with tuning the shipping details.    Since our requirements to a large extent correspond to the needs of our clients we appreciate the flexibility that due to this Company we consider    as standard."

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