Oversize transport

František Hrachovina - Expresní přeprava nadměrných nákladů

  • We provide transportation of heavy and oversized cargo with our own vehicles, including escort vehicles.
  • We have experience with transportation of building equipment, containers, mobile homes, parts of structures, etc..
  • As oversize transport vehicles we use trucks Man and Iveco, matching its low operating costs and high productivity.
  • We are really prepared for oversize transports - we use a heavy-trailers made by Czech brand SVAN.
  • Your cargo is transported by our modern vehicles that are constantly connected to the control center via radios and mobile phones.

  • Great attention is paid to prepare a route of transport. Our team of experts always before transport, prepare an analysis with possible risks or barriers so that the transport was without complications.
  • The successful execution of the contract to a considerable extent also involved experienced drivers and crew accompanying vehicles that ensure the safety and timely completion of transport.

Customer reference

"Always a great attitude on the side of company Hrachovina - always come out to meet us with tuning the shipping details.    Since our requirements to a large extent correspond to the needs of our clients we appreciate the flexibility that due to this Company we consider    as standard."

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