Permit for overload cargo

František Hrachovina - Expresní přeprava nadměrných nákladů

  • We provide all the permits that are needed for the transport of oversize cargo.
  • The transport of oversize cargo must be noticed not only the company and the customer, but also the necessary authorities for transport. In the case of stopping the road or other needs.
  • We have experience in almost all of the countries in Europe - from west to east, from south to north.
  • We have permanent permits for oversize load in Czech Republic, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

  • With the cargo we crossed the Arctic Circle in Norway in 1998. We have experience with transporting of oversize cargo in countries such as Slovenia,       Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, United Kingdom, Serbia and Italy

Customer references

"Always a great attitude on the side of company Hrachovina - always come out to meet us with tuning the shipping details.    Since our requirements to a large extent correspond to the needs of our clients we appreciate the flexibility that due to this Company we consider    as standard."

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